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VeriLaw Intl. LLP have gone to great lengths to make sure that you get the advice, service and attention you deserve. We know that the quality of our attorneys speaks for volumes, and this may be why our clients recommend us again and again.


Our professionals use their extensive knowledge of commercial tax laws to provide you with in-depth advice on your situation and more importantly, informed advice about moving towards a solution. No stone is left unturned.


As one of only a few law firms that specialize on tax and bankruptcy law, our ability in this area enables us to analyze all levels of your case and create strategies that give you successful results. Focusing on the end result, for you!

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Specializing as Legal Advisors to Professional Athletes, Entertainers and Musicians, both foreign & national, across the U.S & Canada.

Due to an increase in demand from China and Russia, we have now opened satellite offices in both countries in order to cater to our ever-growing client base there.