Since The Prohibition…

VeriLaw Intl. LLP was actually founded in 1935, two years after the end of prohibition. When VeriLaw Intl. LLP was originally founded by Mr Derroti, working from a small office in the back of his fathers grain store, with the help of his elder brother and widowed sister. As you know, our roots come from a strong family business that grew along with America through the 1940’s and 1950’s into one of the well known local firms that supported ordinary working folk against the rise in taxes.

With the passing of Mr Derotti in the early 1970’s, there came a name change. When the new brand was formed, there was a contract drawn up by his son that still hangs next to his portrait in the main boardroom. The contract stipulated that his fathers picture would always hang in the main offices. This tradition is still held to this day, overlooking major decisions from above.

Our Modern Day Law Firm

Although our traditional values have remained the same, our attitude towards business has changed dramatically. We have moved forward in all areas and expanded to a few more. Corporate law and taxation is still part of our staple diet, as it generates the largest portion of our profits each year. We still have to pay taxes ourselves though even though our company joined with a large accountancy firm in 2012, which saw us become the company you know now. Also, we made it common practice to meet with you (even remote clients) within 6 months of being retained by you.

We are very confident in our future, as legal support will always be something that individuals and businesses alike will need help with. Please understand, that we can not help you avoid taxes, but we will give you specific legal advice and support in minimizing your tax bill. This works especially well for high nett worth individuals, such as professional athletes, CEO’s and other individuals with extremely large tax bills.