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What Our Legal Team Do For You!

Our attorneys are corporate and financial law specialists, which means:

  • We advise on best, lawful practices (financially based)
  • Store sensitive and personal information for clients
  • Negotiate mergers under US law
  • Initiate IPO’s (US Only)
  • Advise Fortune 500 companies on lawful practice
  • Protect clients from both US and International banking (unlawful) regulations
  • Arrange all/the Estate Management in the event of clients deaths
  • Inheritance law and beneficiaries
  • Bankruptcy protection or initiation
  • And much, much more…

For our expert financial legal team, these are daily tasks, so whatever issues you are currently experiencing, the chances are that we have supported others in the same predicament before. So contact us and find the right legal support, today.

Financial Services:

Our Financial Services Team have decades of experience in setting up, initiating, documenting and finalizing of all types of credit products (both individual and corporate). Not only are we one of the most renowned, we have also written articles for numerous tax, corporate and legal publications regarding different areas of banking and finance. With invitations to speak at seminars around the US for various legal and banking groups on many different banking issues.

During a reshuffle back in 2011, we also started to advise international clients that had involvement with US investments and Stateside interests. Please note, our financial services team do not advise on accounting issues unless required by US and International Law. For accounting and business creation you need to request our Start Up Business Dept.

Company Formation:

Official incorporation is the key to starting new businesses in the States, providing you with asset protection and the backing and stability you need to move forward. Without following all the steps of setting up an official US business, your errors can be held against you in case you get into a legal situation.

Each state across the US also requires a registered agent to represent your company. We offer this vital service along with a smorgasbord of packages to suit you and the type of company you are incorporating.

In order to get a successful start to your new business, you will need to plan ahead and learn the requirements and options available for starting a new business in the US.

Please note: this is not legal or accounting advice, so it should only be used to guide you in your discussions with your lawyer and accountant when moving forward.

For any and all company formations, get in touch.

Representation Not Available in All Counties:

Our International Legal Dept. can physically assist in over 35 countries worldwide. Before we move forward with your inquiry, ensure that we cover the country in question. We do not have physical jurisdiction in some countries but can still supply you with legal documentation and/or advice.

Due to the increase in demand from potential clients in Russia and China, Verilaw has decided to open satellite offices in Moscow and Shanghai in order to capture clientele in these fast expanding markets as well as taking advantage of the progressive infrastructure, sophisticated network and media services those countries have to offer. Our expansion into these emerging markets, will enable us to work with the increasing number of professional’s who have originated from Russia and / or China and are seeking legal advice and representation in the United States.

Our international legal support has helped to protect over $3.7 billion for our clients and the US to date (correct as of 12/5/2014).

To find out where we can help, you can get in touch with us here.

You Are Looking to Negotiate a Settlement With the IRS:

The IRS currently has 2 different settlement programs. The first is an “IRS Installment Agreement” which allows you to pay off your debt in manageable, monthly payments. The second program is an “IRS Offer in Compromise” which allows you to reduce your debt for much less than you actually owe. Our expert lawyers know which settlement program you can qualify for and ensure you get the best tax settlement available!

For help with this, you can get in touch with us here.